Steam Deck and Artemis 1: Navigating Setbacks

Steam Deck and Artemis 1: Navigating Setbacks

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There’s always been a place in the world of gaming when you want to escape from real life’s challenges and disappointments. With NASA’s highly anticipated Artemis 1 mission getting delayed yet again recently, the gaming community was reminded of how important this escape is. I felt the disappointment and frustration among space fans and dreamers, but for me, the delay brought back the therapeutic power of video games. I used my newly acquired Steam Deck as a companion to endure Artemis 1’s failure.

A Delayed Dream

As NASA’s ambitious mission to get humans back to the moon and lay the groundwork for Mars exploration, Artemis 1 was set to be a major milestone in space exploration history. For years, I had been eagerly anticipating this mission. But the constant delays and setbacks turned what was once an exciting dream into an ongoing frustration. Artemis, originally set to launch in 2021, has been postponed multiple times due to technical issues, budget constraints; the many obstacles that such a massive project brings.

I’m really depressed about the latest delay. I, along with many others, needed a distraction at that point when we thought the mission was on the horizon. But then another issue popped up, pushing the mission’s date further into the future. Rediscovering PC Gaming with the Steam Deck


The Power of Gaming as an Escape

People who want to escape the real world, whether it’s the stress of daily life or the frustration of a delayed space mission, have always found gaming a sanctuary. Immersing oneself in a different reality can be therapeutic and rejuvenating, even for a short time. When Artemis 1 got delayed again, I turned to Steam Deck, Valve Corp’s handheld gaming system.

The Steam Deck’s compact design and versatility make it a perfect gaming companion, especially during times of disappointment and stress. Its portability allows me to bring my gaming experiences with me wherever I go, and its impressive hardware capabilities ensure that I can enjoy a wide range of games without compromise. From action-packed adventures to serene explorations in virtual worlds, the Steam Deck provided a gateway to new experiences and adventures.

Finding Solace in the Cosmos of No Man’s Sky

I found some solace in One Game in Particular during the Artemis 1 delays: No Man’s Sky. It’s a procedurally generated open-world exploration game developed by Hello Games. During these turbulent times, the vast and beautiful universe of the game provided escapism that was much needed. It allows players to explore the cosmos and discover new planets, species, and mysteries.

In No Man’s Sky, I felt connected to the universe while exploring its infinite reaches. It was overshadowed by Artemis 1’s delay by its awe-inspiring landscapes and celestial wonders. Whether it was a breathtaking sunset on an alien world or the thrill of discovering an uncharted star system, No Man’s Sky gave me a new perspective on space exploration.

Sharing the Experience with Others

Besides escaping reality, gaming is also a way to get connected, even if you’re physically apart. While Artemis 1 was being delayed, I spent a lot of time on Steam Deck playing games like Rocket League and Among Us with friends and fellow space junkies. Even though we couldn’t be together in person, these shared experiences created a sense of camaraderie and made us feel comfortable in each other’s company.

The ability to talk, strategize, celebrate victories (or commiserate over losses) in these multiplayer games was a welcome distraction from the ongoing frustrations of the Artemis 1 mission. We can still have fun, and support each other even when we’re disappointed.


I wasn’t thrilled about the delays and setbacks of Artemis 1. However, they reminded me of how important it is to play games to escape and find solace when things get tough. Because of its portable design and impressive gaming capabilities, my Steam Deck enabled me to explore new worlds and share experiences with friends, eventually helping me get through the ongoing Artemis 1 delays.

We don’t have control over space exploration; we do have the power to choose how we deal with life’s disappointments. In spite of adversity, games are still a great way to find solace because they transport us to different realities and let us connect with others. The therapeutic power of gaming and the versatility of my Steam Deck will keep me engrossed in No Man’s Sky as I wait for Artemis 1 to take flight.

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